Safely Heat IPA!

Product Description

Innovations in safe heating of flammable chemistries

  • Features
    • Indirect heating.
    • Able to achieve outstanding temperatures/flows, up to 100°C 100 LPM.
    • Applicable to either single-use or recirculated chemical flow designs.
    • Safely heat process chemistries, including IPA
    • Certification: CE, UL, Semi S2 and S3
  • Specifications
    • 3,000 watts up to 24,000 watts
    • 200 to 600 volts, single or three phase (12kW and larger require three phase)
    • Watt Density: 10 watts per square inch (1.5w/cm2)
    • Fluid Connections: ¼-inch (6mm) to 1-inch (25mm); ½-inch (12mm) to 1-inch (25mm) Super 300 Type Pillar®
  • Options Available (consult factory)

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