Diamond Control: Digital Encoders for Output Control!

Product Description

The Diamond control interface is housed in a remote enclosure with with two digital encoders and two digital meters.

  • Features
    • Set current via digital encoder
    • Read current via digital meter
    • Set voltage via digital encoder
    • Read voltage via digital meter
    • FrontPanel+ Host Control Program for process set-up generation and process storage/data logging
    • RS485 port for serial control
  • Product Options
    • Analog Interface Board
      • Typical Function: PLC control of the power supply
      • Common levels: 4 – 20 milliamps, 0-5 Volts, or 0-10 Volt (must choose one of the three)
      • Accuracy +/- 1% setting
      • Board provides isolation of the control and read back signals from the bulk power supply of the unit.
      • Each board has 4 channels:
        • Set current
        • Read current
        • Set voltage
        • Read voltage

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