DTX-12000 Power Supply and M-1 Controller:
Powered for a better finish!

Product Description

The Dynatronix by Process Technology - high-performance DTX-12000 Power Supply will bring your process to the next level, delivering accurate, ultra-low ripple DC power.

Inside high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) components and synchronous rectification (SR) reduce process energy consumption, while the modular 19-inch external footprint allows for scalable power levels up to 120,000W.

Paired with the new M-1 Controller featuring digital controls, a bright LCD screen, advanced data logging, and Ethernet/IP connectivity capability, the DTX-12000 delivers superior performance and premium power.

  • DTX-12000 Power Supply Features
    • Improve your process, Ultra-low ripple and accurate
      • Engineered for ripple-free output, delivers smooth, clean DC
      • Exact delivery of power throughout working range
      • ETL listed to UL61010-1 and CSA C22.2#61010-1, CE
      • Value-added design featuring FPGA technology
        • FPGA controlled system reduces downtime for maximum performance and reliability
        • Less waste heat and energy consumption
        • Light-weight, under 60 lbs for 1000 amp 12kW system
        • Designed for harsh environments
        • Flexible/scalable 19 inch rack design
        M-1 Controller Features
        • External control unit - Delivers seamless connectivity
          • Plug-and-play connect to automation control system
          • Control of multiple paralleled modules
          • Data logging, process programming and 200Hz options available
          • Sealed design for close-to-tank installations
          • Ethernet/IP Protocol (ODVA Certified) - optional
        • Specifications
          • Max Rated Power: 12,000W
          • Safe Operating Load Range: 0 - 100% of unit voltage and current rating
          • Output Voltage Regulation:
            • Max. ± 0.5% of setting for 20-100% of unit rating
            • Max. ± 0.5% of unit rating for 3-20% of unit rating
          • Output Current Regulation:
            • Max. ± 0.5% of setting for 10-100% of unit rating
            • Max. ± 0.5% of unit rating for 3-10% of unit rating
          • Ripple, RMS Noise: Less than 0.3% RMS of unit rating (0-5kHz)
          • Efficiency: 91% and higher at rated output
          • Input Power: 380-480VAC ±10%, 3-phase, 50-60Hz
          • Power Factor: 0.95 at rated output(0-5kHz)
          • Dimensions: 5.05‘‘ H (3U) x 19‘‘ W x 26.1‘‘ D / 129mm H x 482.6mm W x 663mm D
            including 19’’ brackets and output busbars
          • Weight: 59lbs / 27kg
          • Enclosure: Powder coated aluminum
          • Cooling: Forced Air cooling
          • Sealing: True Sealing with two 100% sealed air ducts
          • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 104°F / 0°C - 40°C, indoor use only
        • Applications
          • Electroplating
          • Electroforming
          • Anodizing
          • Electro-Winning

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