MicroStar DC Precise Power Supplies:
Ideal for general metal finishing and lab applications

Product Description

The Dynatronix by Process Technology - MicroStar Series is one of the most flexible product lines we offer. Simple to use, yet packed with features, the MicroStar Series power supplies are designed to be used in almost any general metal finishing application. Models in the 0.1 to 3 ampere output range are ideally suited for laboratory or R&D applications.

  • Features
    • Multiple options for control interfaces
    • Switch mode design for small footprint
    • Rugged, environmentally-sealed, powder-coated enclosure
    • Patented Extended Operating Range
    • Real Time Cycle Control
    • Ampere Time Cycle Control
    • Ampere Time Totalizer
    • Constant current, constant voltage, and cross-over regulation modes
    • FrontPanel+ Host Control Program for process set-up generation and process storage/data logging
    • RS485 and USB ports for computer control
    • Electronic overload, over-temperature, and short circuit protection
    • Save/recall up to 10 different process steps
    • Convection cooled
  • Specifications
    • Current outputs from 0.1 to 3.0 amperes at 12 volts DC
    • Line Regulation: +/- 1% of setting or 0.1% of maximum rating, whichever is greater
    • Load Regulation: +/- 1% of setting or +/- 0.1% of maximum rating, whichever is greater
    • Digital meter accuracy: +/- 1% plus L.S.D.
    • Temperature stability: 0.2% of peak rating after 15 minute warm up
    • Ripple: <1% RMS of maximum rated output voltage
  • Options Available (consult factory)
    • Analog interface board: 4-20mA, 0-5V, or 0-12V
    • Auxillary totalizer with relay output to turn on/off pump, mixer, etc.
    • Master/Slave control - synchronize multiple units
    • Ramp timer
    • Recipe creation and storage
    • Trickle current

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