Safely heat process gas

Product Description

Reduces drying time and improves production times.

  • Features
    • Enhanced features include a non-casted structure, versatile flow rates, an expanded wattage range, and high-quality electropolished surfaces resulting in superior cleanliness.
    • Grounded metal construction, multiple element thermocouples, insulated housing, and a hermetically sealed high limit thermal cutoff device (TCO)
    • Can be used in single pass or recirculating applications for safely heating gases such as: N2 or clean dry air
    • Certification: CE, ETL (Tested to UL 823, UL 499 compliant and CSA 22.2). Rated for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.
  • Specifications
    • 2,000-9,000 watts
    • 120-600V, single or three phase
    • Pressure range: 0 PSIG (0 kPa) to 400 PSIG (2859 kPa)
    • Temperature range: -195°C (-320°F) to 200°C (392°F))
    • Connections: ½-inch (12mm) or ¾-inch (19mm), 1-inch (25mm) tube connections; custom connections available.
  • Options Available (consult factory)
    • Custom configurations, connections and controller packages available.

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