Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Heaters

Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Heaters

Process Technology wants to ensure that you purchase a genuine Process Technology product. Counterfeit Process Technology products are being produced by Guangzhou BaoDa Electrothermal Titanium Product Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Precise Heater Co, and its’ subsidiaries. BaoDa Electrothermal and their Sales Director, Sam Leo, also claims to represent Process Technology as its Chinese subsidiary, but this is false representation. There is no link between Process Technology and BaoDa Electrothermal and has never been. Here are a few photos displaying how Process Technology model numbers are being used by counterfeitors to fool their customers.

Customers that use counterfeit products risk malfunction of the end equipment as well as damaging the credibility of their brand. We request that our customers make certain to purchase genuine Process Technology products only through our authorized distributors/agents to prevent the use of mistakenly purchased counterfeit products. If you need help in evaluating suspect products, please use this link to fill out our Verification Form. Product Verification Form

For more information on this topic, visit our page: ImitationHeaters

 Shared May 31st, 2017

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