DAS Series Phosphate Heater

DAS Series Phosphate Heater

Phosphate coating processes provide some of the more difficult challenges in heating. Phosphate coatings are used extensively on lubricated metal parts to provide a thick, porous layer and a grain structure for oil to reside to improve lubricity for gears and threads while protecting against corrosion.

During the phosphate process, a coating builds up on heated surfaces such as electric immersion heaters, restricting heat transfer, causing corrosion and shortening heater life. For this reason, Process Technology developed a purpose-built heater for phosphate chemistries: the DAS-series immersion heater. The DAS-series heaters are designed to last longer in heavy buildup and surface corrosion that normally occurs in these baths. A heavy-wall outer sheath and unique internal construction protects the heater core resulting in a longer life and better performance in harsh phosphate applications.


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 Shared August 14th, 2017

By Connie Dawson, Process Technology

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