Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy

Core/Guiding Principles

Our principles state we must ensure working conditions are clean, orderly and safe; encourage better health and education for all team members, and protect the environment and natural resources.

Robust Compliance

Process Technology is committed to meet or exceed all EHS regulatory standards. We follow established policies and procedures to create safe and compliant workplaces, environmentally responsible operations, and a culture where healthy lifestyles are encouraged. We are committed to continuously assess and make improvements as required to ensure the system remains effective.

Team Member Safety

Safety is a core value for our team members, suppliers, customers, and all visitors. We use procedures and conduct assessments to identify hazards and drive continuous improvements to manage risk. We strive to achieve a zero accident work environment.

Health and Education

We encourage our team members to know their health risks and provide them access to healthy lifestyle programs and resources. We offer multiple types of support towards team member wellbeing, enabling them to live healthy, productive lives.

Environmental Contribution

We are committed to operating responsibly and we seek to reduce adverse environmental impacts from our operations, products, and services. EHS considerations are reviewed during the entire development process from design to production. We continuously pursue to reuse scrap material, recycle waste material, and reduce consumption of resources.

Implementation of the EHS Policy

This EHS Policy is applicable to all businesses and all Process Technology team members. We provide our team members with the education, skills and training to adhere to the policy. We verify adherence through internal and external audits, and we encourage team members to report to management any behavior inconsistent with this policy.