Process Technology celebrates Customer Service Week

Process Technology celebrates Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week, a nationally and internationally recognized event, is a celebration of the importance of Customer Service (Customer Care) and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

"I believe that this was a very positive experience for our team. It was important for us as we learned a little more about each other and what strengths we bring to the team" stated Rebecca Arhar, Customer Care Manager - Process Technology.

Process Technology celebrated our incredible Customer Care Team with a week of activities.

  • Monday – CSW kick-off started with and gift bags. The team wore blue, one of the CSW theme colors.
  • Tuesday – Hawaiian/Vacation theme! The Customer Care Manager and Supervisor provided letters of appreciation.
  • Wednesday – Super Hero day. The team enjoyed lunch from Firehouse Subs and donated to our local heroes.
  • Thursday – Sports Day. Team building games included a soft soccer ball with questions on it to prompt conversation between team members. Questions such as: "How can we make sure everyone feels heard" and "How can we prevent negative energy from bringing us down" are just a few of the topics we discussed. Trail mix and personalized pennants added to the fun.
  • Friday – Wearing "The Power Of Service" tee shirts, the team enjoyed a group breakfast. Additionally, cupcakes, baked by a Customer Care Team member, were shared with all team members in the building.

Kristen Yonosik, a member of the Process Technology Customer Care Team, believed it was a positive experience, "I came from a job where the CSR's felt very underappreciated and were very overworked. While our dept is very, very busy, I feel like I can handle the workload. Someone is always willing to help, which says a lot about our team setting. It's unbelievably nice to have your employer show their appreciation. Having a day is nice, but sharing this for a week was fun and shows PT cares about us. Sometimes you can feel like you are just going through the motions of the 8-5 days, but it feels different when you work for a company that seems to care genuinely."

"It's important to focus on the customer and this week really brought that message, not just to other team members, but also directly to our customers." added Arhar.

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