Protec Tip!

Protec Tip!

Buildup on heater sheath. Any deposit on the heater sheath will act as a thermal insulator and cause localized overheating. Inspect and clean heaters frequently. Check application, as de-rated heaters may be required in most solutions that buildup quickly. Replace protectors or recommend heater replacement as required. De-rate heaters to reduce the surface temperature. Consult installation sheets for details.

Watt density too high. Unusually heavy, viscous or poorly conductive fluids reduce heat transfer around the element, causing localized overheating. Check solution concentration or viscosity (may need chemical supplier’s MSDS sheets to verify). May be able to use higher temperature protectors or de-rate heaters to reduce opening. Replace protectors or recommend heater replacement as required. Consult installation sheets for details.

Protectors electrically overloaded. Excessive current flow through the thermal protectors will cause resistance heating through protector and a de-ration of the thermal set point. Rewire heater using a contactor or relay to energize the heater and wire protector in series with contactor coil/thermostat circuit. Higher temperature thermal protectors may be considered in some applications. Consult factory and installation sheets for details.

For more information on thermal protectors issues, see our troubleshooting pages! Click here! !


 Shared May 8, 2017

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