PFA, Polypro and PVDF Construction

Product Description

The XC inline heat exchanger is now available with a high-flow option that provides the same heat transfer performance as before but now with a reduced fluid pressure drop. With a PFA tube-side fluid path the XC Series will meet the most stringent cleanliness requirements to support next-generation ultra-high-purity (UHP) semiconductor node technologies. This exchanger supports both recirculating and single pass flow applications.

  • Features
    • High-flow Capacity
      • Large diameter tubing improves flow circulation
      • High-flow option further reduces pressure drop
      • Reduces sizing requirements for associated equipment
    • Advanced Cleanliness
      • Chemistry fluid path made from high grade PFA components
      • No wetted o-ring seals eliminate source for contamination
      • Assembled and tested in a clean-room environment
    • Low-Mass Heat Exchanger
      • Enables faster temperature response
      • Allows for precise and stable temperature control
    • Compact Design
      • Reduces tool design space requirements
      • Facilitates retrofitting of existing tools
      • Simplifies manufacturing complexity
    • Specifications

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